Club Rules

Following changes in legislation Coventry Morris Engines Camping and Caravanning Club (CMECCC) acknowledge it’s responsibilities to ensure personal data is retained securely. Any personal information shared is for the use of member clubs only and as such will not be shared with any external third parties.

Website: or Facebook page

ALL RALLY SLIPS AND DEPOSITS, WHERE APPLICABLE, MUST BE SENT TO THE RALLY BOOKING OFFICER.No deposits paid no booking accepted.RALLY BOOKINGS: Bookings should be made no later than seven days prior to the rally.Bookings for rallies will only be accepted by either using the online booking through or by receipt of a completed rally slip or via E-mail. All deposited rallies require a non-refundable deposit at time of booking, balances to be paid before the date as listed in the rally programme.A payment plan can be arranged if required.

CANCELLATIONS: Please remember to cancel if you cannot attend the rally. An additional cost will be levied against your next rally if you fail to advise the Marshal or Booking Officer.

CHEQUES: All cheques to be made payable to Coventry Morris Engines CCC.Cheques will not be accepted on any rally by the Marshals - Payments by cash only. CMECCC are acting solely as agents for the site owners/management.

RALLY TIMES: Weekend rallies commence on a Friday at 5pm. Any arrivals prior to this must be agreed by the Rally Marshal, you will also be asked to help site if required.Updates may be available on either the website or Facebook page.If you arrive early without the Marshals knowledge you should not site your unit until the arrival of the Marshal, failure to do so may result in the relocation of the unit on the Marshals arrival.

RALLY SOCIALS: Owing to hall capacities, attendance at rally socials will be limited to those attending the rally. However, where limits permit and with prior arrangement with the Marshal, it may be possible for visitors to attend. A charge will be levied towards the cost of the hall or any entertainment being supplied.

NON-UNIT MEMBERS: The Annual fee per Adult is £5.00, membership card will be supplied.All Non-Unit Members attending rallies and stopping overnight Must be Booked in with the booking officer and Marshal on-site and MUST stay in the member’s Unit.An admin Charge of £2.50 per Adult for a weekend rally and £5.00 per Week will apply Plus any Nightly fee Set by the site.A Non-Unit Members Card Must be shown as Proof when booking and onsite, if this is not available your booking will not be accepted and you will be asked to leave.

DRIVING ON A RALLY FIELD: No Learner drivers allowed to drive on a Rally Field and the 5 mph speed limit must be followed at all times.CHILDREN: Are the responsibility of the parent or guardian at all times, no ball games, or flying of any objects near any of the units on a rally site.

DOGS: Must be secured to a person via a leash or a secure fitting at all times whilst on a rally site

INSURANCE: All units MUST have a third-party liability policy as per association rules.GENERATORS: The club allows use of generators on rallies between the hours of 10am to 12.00 midday then 5.00pm to 7pm. Subject to allowance of site owner.

SMOKING: No smoking or the using of e-cigarettes or vape units in any buildings, marques and tents.

WASTE WATER: All waste water from your unit must be collected in a suitable secured container and disposed off as per the site/marshals advise.

CONTACT: Please respect the needs of our marshals and their families. Do not contact them after 9pm for rally bookings or information.Unless otherwise stated all pitches are non- electric and ALL prices shown are subject to change